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CULTS2 Culture as Becoming 5 ECTS
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Advanced studies
Course unit descriptions in the curriculum
Master's Degree Programme in Cultural Studies
School of Communication, Media and Theatre

Learning outcomes

The study module gives the students an understanding of culture as a dimension of all human practices. Culture is studied as human action and processes that produce new realities. The module enables the student to analyze local, national and transnational cultural practices in their relations with 'economy' and 'politics' by using concepts of complex whole, articulation and conjuncture.

General description

The course includes an introductory lecture series including group discussion and exercises (3 ECTS) + literature and a written study diary (2 ECTS).


25.10. Mikko Lehtonen: Becoming of culture: From material to symbolic activity and back 4h

1.11. Mikko Lehtonen: Culture as material and bodily practices 4h

8.11. Mikko Lehtonen: Transnationalism and culture 4h

15.11. Mikko Lehtonen: Economy, politics and culture: Spheres or what? 3h

22.11. Kaarina Nikunen: Gender, affects and culture 3h

29.11. Mahmut Mutman: "Michel Foucault's Concept of Power" (Discipline and Punish and History of Sexuality, excerpts)

Enrolment for University Studies

Enrolment time has expired


Mikko Lehtonen, Teacher responsible


25-Oct-2016 – 13-Dec-2016
Tue 25-Oct-2016 - 13-Dec-2016 weekly at 13-16, PÄÄT ls. A4
22-Nov-2016 , VIRTA 109, 13.12. PÄÄT ls. A3

Study materials

Literature: Mikko Lehtonen: Mattering Matter, chapter 1. Selection of articles.

Further information

Maximum 50 students is accepted to the course in the following order:

1. degree students of the MDP in Cultural Studies

2. other degree students of UTA

3. exchange students