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Arkistoitu opetusohjelma 2016–2017
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TERVAL5 Mental Health Research: Using the Knowledge and Adding to it 5 ECTS
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School of Health Sciences

Learning outcomes

After completing the course the student will be able to
- evaluate and utilise research reports on psychiatric epidemiology
- understand the value of qualitative research on mental health issues
- discuss the effect of culture and societal circumstances on understanding mental health and the effect of lay concepts of mental health on the situation of people with mental health problems in society
- discuss the specific ethical concerns in mental health research

General description

The course will be organised entirely on the web (Moodle, learning2), as follows

  1. Watching the lecture & assignment concerning      the lecture. Work needed apr. 1-2 hr. (0.05 ects)
  2. Reading and compiling a lecture diary of the      book. Work needed apr. 45 hrs. (1.70 ects)
  3. Preparing the research plan. Work needed apr.      80-88 hrs. (3 ects)
  4. Commentary. Work needed apr. 5 hrs. (0.20      ects)
  5. Reflection. Work needed apr. 1-2 hrs. (0.05      ects)


Professor Sami Pirkola, Teacher responsible
Kirsti Nurmela, Contact person


29-Aug-2016 – 28-May-2017
Independent work 135 hours Web-based



Study materials

Will be announced in the Moodle learning environment

Further information

Individual work in the moodle.

Non-stop. Teachers are not committed to check the assignments out of teaching periods (from 17th of December to 8th of January and from 29th of June to 28th of August).

For approval all the assignments have to be completed within six months from the date of enrollment. A delay results in a rejection.

Enrollment by e-mail to the contact teacher, university instructor Kirsti Nurmela kirsti.nurmela@staff.uta.fi