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ENGS22-24 American Postmodernism 5 ECTS
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Englannin kielen, kirjallisuuden ja kääntämisen tutkinto-ohjelma
School of Language, Translation and Literary Studies

General description

This course examines the concept and practice of literary postmodernism in the United States from three interlinked perspectives:

  1. New kinds of experimental literary fiction gained prominence in the US in the latter half of the 20th century. We will begin by reading stories reflective of the stylistic and philosophical fundamentals of literary postmodernism, by authors such as John Barth, Donald Barthelme, and Robert Coover.

  2. The idea of postmodern culture manifests itself in specific cultural tendencies and textual representations. Some emphasis in our discussion will fall on notions such as irony, pastiche, simulation, (the possibility of) originality, and relativism.

  3. What might have followed postmodernism? The course will take a brief look at literary and cultural impulses that have reacted to, and modified, postmodernism’s premises.

Throughout the course, we will be reading some complex but (potentially) highly entertaining texts. We will also examine a few influential theories, watch a film or two, and consider the importance of different media in the aesthetic project of postmodernism.

Assessment: class participation, a short presentation, and a course diary.

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Markku Salmela, Teacher responsible


9-Jan-2017 – 22-May-2017
Mon 9-Jan-2017 - 10-Apr-2017 weekly at 14-16, Pinni B 4032