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YKYYKV1 Finnish Society and Culture (autumn 2016) 3–5 ECTS
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School of Social Sciences and Humanities

Learning outcomes

The course is especially designed for international students who wish to know more about the Finnish society and culture. The main purpose is to introduce the students to the society and culture of contemporary Finland. After the course, the students will have an idea of the development and cultural, political and economic background of one of the Nordic welfare states.

Obtaining 3 ECTS credits: active participation in the lectures, passing the lecture exam organised at the end of the lecture series. The exam will be a multiple choice exam which possibly also includes writing some short essays.

Obtaining 5 ECTS credits: in addition to participation in the lectures and in the lecture exam, student must also pass an exam based on additional reading organized together with the lecture exam. Additional reading consists of scientific articles on Finnish Society and Culture and is to be confirmed in the course programme in Moodle.

General description

Weekly lectures on Wednesdays at 18-20, subject to change:

7.9. How to communicate in Finland? (Katja Keisala)

14.9. Finnish History - Finns and Finland between East and West (Seija-Leena Nevala)

21.9. Boundaries of Finnishness and Ethnic Minorities in Finland (Hannu Sinisalo)

28.9. Finnish Gastronomy (Arja Luiro)

5.10. Finnish Political System (Johanna Peltoniemi)

12.10. Finnish Education System (Raisa Harju-Autti)

19.10. Finnish Popular Music (Juho Kaitajärvi-Tiekso)

26.10. Technology and Innovation in Finland: Current Issues and Future Challenges (Tomi Nokelainen)

2.11. Finnish forests and forestry (Ari Vanamo)

9.11. Finnish Welfare and Social Services (Lina van Aerschot)

16.11. Finnish Art History in a Nutshell (Katja Fält)

23.11. Finnish Literature (Toni Lahtinen)

30.11. Special Features of Finnish Mass Media (Jyrki Jyrkiäinen)

7.12. Exam

14.12. Exam retake

Enrolment for University Studies

Enrolment to the course

- TUT and TAMK students: enrolment with electronic form during the enrolment period 1.8.- 1.9.2016

- UTA students: enrolment in NettiOpsu, click below

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Anna Wansén-Kaseva, Contact person


7-Sep-2016 – 14-Dec-2016
Lectures 24 hours
Wed 7-Sep-2016 at 18-20, lecture hall B1100 in Pinni B building, ground floor
Wed 14-Sep-2016 - 14-Dec-2016 weekly at 18-20, Väinö Linna hall in Linna building

Evaluation criteria

Participation in the lectures and an exam. The exam will be organised at the end of the lecture series. It will be a multiple choice which, possibly, also includes writing some short essays.

Further information

Contact person: Coordinator of international education, Anna Wansén-Kaseva