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Arkistoitu opetusohjelma 2015–2016
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DPLASEM Research Seminar, Doctoral Programme in Language Studies 5–10 ECTS
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Kielten tohtoriohjelma
School of Language, Translation and Literary Studies

Learning outcomes

After actively attending the research seminars of their doctoral programme, the student will be able to partake in academic discussion and both give and receive constructive criticism. They will have a general level of knowledge of the various fields of research in language, translation, and literary studies.

General description

For five terms, the student will regularly partake in the doctoral programme’s research seminar, present their own research work there and comment on the work of others.



1-Sep-2015 – 31-May-2016
Seminar 74 hours
Tue 15-Sep-2015 - 31-May-2016 weekly at 16.15-17.45, B4075, 13.10. and 20.10. : 16-20