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TERKAN11 Ageing of the Population 5 ECTS
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School of Health Sciences

Learning outcomes

Having complete the course the student
- knows the basic global trends of population aging
- is familiar with the connections between aging and health on the population level, measured as mortality, healthy life expectancy, functional status and self-rated health
- can characterize and investigate health, functioning and their determinants in very old populations
- can analyze the challenges of population aging to health and social services
- can analyze the consequences of population aging to family, work, and culture

Enrolment for University Studies

Enrolment time has expired


Professor Marja Jylhä, Teacher responsible


26-Feb-2016 – 4-Apr-2016
Fri 26-Feb-2016 at 12-15, Ylähylly, T-building
Mon 7-Mar-2016 at 12-15, Ylähylly, T-building
Fri 18-Mar-2016 at 12-15, Group room Rh1, T-building
Mon 21-Mar-2016 at 12-15, Group room Rh1, T-building
Mon 4-Apr-2016 at 12-15, Ylähylly, T-building
Thu 14-Apr-2016 at 15.00-17.00, Lecture hall (small), B-building, EXAM

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