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Arkistoitu opetusohjelma 2014–2015
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PEACE2 Peace Research Design 5 ECTS
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Course unit descriptions in the curriculum
Master's Programme in Peace, Mediation and Conflict Research
Rauhan- ja konfliktintutkimus
School of Social Sciences and Humanities

Learning outcomes

- Students learn how to choose their research topic, frameworks and questions.

- Students are able to define relevant methods to his/her theme.
- Students know where to find research material and how to use it.

- Students have a sound understanding of the criteria for scientific research.

- Students are of aware of methodical approaches relevant in peace and conflict studies.

General description

16.3. Marko Lehti: Introduction to research methods in peace and conflict research

23.3. Teemu Palosaari: Foreign Policy Analysis

30.3. Bruno Lefort:  Interviews and ethnographic approach

13.4. (13-16) Benedikt Schoenborm: Archival sources and methods in historical research

20.4.  Samu Pehkonen: Studies of talk and interaction

27.4. Tarja Väyrynen: Using documentary films in the study of peace and conflict

4.5. Tiina Vaittinen: Researching Global Political Economy

11.5. Intensive day


Marko Lehti, Teacher responsible


Mon 16-Mar-2015 - 4-May-2015 weekly at 12-16, 6017, No lecture on 6.4.2015
13-Apr-2015 at 13 –16 , Linna 6017

Further information

In addition to the regular meetings during 16.3.-4.5. there will be one full intensive day in May.