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Arkistoitu opetusohjelma 2014–2015
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POLKVA32 Russian Foreign Policy Discourses and Practices 2–5 ECTS
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Intermediate studies
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Politiikan tutkimuksen tutkinto-ohjelma
Kansainvälinen politiikka
School of Management

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the course students are able to
- identify different aspects of continuity and change in Russia’s foreign policy from the late Soviet period until today
- summarise the main foreign policy schools in the given period
- independently compile and analyse research literature or other relevant materials on the given topic
- work in groups in order to plan and prepare a public presentation on the given topic

General description

The course addresses Russia’s foreign policy from Gorbachev’s New Thinking until 2014. Students will learn about key events, phenomena, actors, and  different foreign policy schools, and concepts to characterize them. The course will also encourage students to pay attention to interaction between the domestic and foreign policy in the Russian context.

Please enroll in NettiOpsu by 17 March.  A maximum of 50 students will be accepted to the course (on the basis of first come, first served). The first lecture will take place 26 March and the last one 21 May. You cannot take this course unless you are able to come to the last lecture – a conference with your presentations will take place on that particular day (at 14-19).

Enrolment for University Studies

Enrolment time has expired


Sirke Mäkinen, Teacher responsible


26-Mar-2015 – 21-May-2015
Lectures 20 hours
Thu 26-Mar-2015 at 14-17, Linna K103
Thu 9-Apr-2015 - 23-Apr-2015 weekly at 14-17, Linna K113
Thu 7-May-2015 at 14-17, Linna K113
Thu 21-May-2015 at 14-19, Linna K103


Numeric 1-5.

Evaluation criteria

In order to pass the course, students should actively take  part in the lectures, study the required materials for each lecture and prepare a public presentation in group (2 ECTS). In order to get 5 ECTS, students will write an essay on Russia’s foreign policy – the title to be specified and agreed on with the teacher -  in addition to the above mentioned requirements.

Study materials

Articles or other materials which will be available in the Moodle.