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Arkistoitu opetusohjelma 2012–2013
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MTTS1 Optimality of designs in interference models 1 ECTS
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Advanced studies
Tilastotieteen maisteriopinnot
School of Information Sciences

General description

Short course by Erasmus visitor Augustyn Markiewicz (Poznan University of Life Sciences, PL).

Modes of Study

Lectures and lecture diary (more details later)

Topics covered

  • Introduction of the theory of block designs
  • Presentation of linear interference models 
  • Derivation of the best linear unbiased estimators
  • Study of statistical properties of the best linear unbiased estimators 
  • Introduction to the theory of design's optimality 
  • Comparison of optimal design under several interference models
  • Block designs and their properties 
  • The best linear unbiased estimation of treatments effects
  • Properties of the best linear unbiased estimators
  • Characterization of optimal design under several linear interference models

Enrolment for University Studies

By email to Simo Puntanen (simo.puntanen@uta.fi).



29-Apr-2013 –
Lectures 5 hours
Mon 29-Apr-2013 at 10-12, Pinni B0020
Mon 29-Apr-2013 at 14-17, Pinni B0020



Further information

Course is implementation of MTTS1 Other course in Mathematics or Statistics (advanced) and can be a part of Advanced studies in Statistics.