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TAYJ12 Research Ethics 2–3 ECTS
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Yliopiston yhteiset tohtoriopinnot
Doctoral School

Learning outcomes

After the course, students will
- be better equipped to think about and deal with ethical issues at different phases of their research projects
- have skills to discuss and identify issues concerning the ethics both in relation to research participant and the academic community (treatment of participants, informed consent, data lifespan, publication and ethical reporting)
- have knowledge on the key guidelines concerning ethical conduct and know where to go for further information
- have practical tools and means for the writing-up of ethical question in the doctoral thesis.
- have access to an information package on ethics

General description

This two-day course invites students in various stages of their doctoral thesis to think through, write and process the ethical questions and themes in their own ongoing research projects. It provides a compact knowledge package on ethical issues concerning the research design, data collection/field work and writing-up phases. The course consists of lectures, discussion & student presentations in class and a pre-assignment.

Classroom: Ls A2B (Main building)

Course Schedule:

Monday 21.1.2013
10.15-11.00     Welcome and a summary on themes raised in the pre-assignments
11.00-12.15    Ethics, researcher skills and the doctoral process
12.15-13.15    lunch
13.15-14.30    Data sets, research questions and ethics
14.30-14.45    coffee break
14.45-16.00    Ethical questions at different phases of the doctoral process:  Feedback and supervision

Monday 28.1.2013
10.15-11.15    Ethical questions at different phases of the doctoral process: data collection, facing/dealing with participants & data, writing-up
11.15-12.00    Securing the data lifespan: The ethics of recycling and data archiving
12.00 - 13.00    lunch
13.15-16.00    Discussion on students' research projects and ethical questions

Student selection: The maximum number of students is 30. Students are selected on a first-come, first served -basis. The student has to check the selection from NettiOpsu after the enrolment period.

Those accepted to the course are required to send in a pre-assignment (max one page A 4) through Moodle.  Dead line for pre-assignments is 18 January 2013 (through Moodle).

THE PRE-ASSIGNMENT: Please include the following in short:
1)    Your name & discipline
2)    Your research topic
3)    Potential ethical issues you have encountered or anticipate to encounter as part of your doctoral research and solutions you may already have in mind
4)    Any issues relating to research ethics you wish to be discussed during the course
5)     Please indicate in case you are willing to present some key ethical themes concerning your own doctoral work (2+1 ECTS to those presenting)

Enrolment for University Studies

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Marika Enwald, Teacher responsible


21-Jan-2013 – 28-Jan-2013