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MVKS36 Select Themes in Audiovisual and Literary Translation: Transliterary Translation 5 ECTS
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School of Language, Translation and Literary Studies

General description

The course Transliterary Translation seeks to explore the following set of concepts:

  • transliterature,
  • interculturality, and
  • translation / adaptation.

Thus, the fields which will come in close contact are Literature, Semiotics and Translation Studies.

Transliterary translation is a two-folded term to name

  • fictional operations, and
  • translation procedures.

The course is structured into units and brings into the spotlight the literary works of Argentinean writers Jorge Luis Borges and Liliana Bodoc, along with other celebrities whose works have been repositioned in the literary arena, and acclaimed as neoepic masterpieces.

Unit 1 is introductory to a “common” conceptual framework. Unit 2 will deal with translation according to Borges and writing as translation. This unit is meant to pave the way for an understanding of the role of translation in the constitution of Argentina´s literary canon. Unit 3 will introduce Bodoc´s trilogy The Saga of the End of the World (La saga de Los Confines) and will contrast Bodoc and Elias Lönnrot´s depiction of “a literary identity” for their peoples. Moreover, Bodoc´s novels will be discussed as products of transliterary translation. Unit 4 will draw attention to a “rereading” of some Argentinean writers under the umbrella of the “neoepic genre” resulting from both intercultural and transliterary translation.

Furthermore, the analysis of Bodoc´s parody of certain Kalevala procedures and themes can boost the awareness of literary translation competence among trainees. This is especially so considering that this world famous saga has been translated into a dozen languages, but the Finnish version is still pending…

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Maria Ines Arrizabalaga, Teacher responsible


2-Oct-2012 – 30-Nov-2012
Tue 2-Oct-2012 - 9-Oct-2012 weekly at 10-12, Pinni B 4114
Fri 5-Oct-2012 - 12-Oct-2012 weekly at 10-12, Pinni B 4034
Tue 23-Oct-2012 - 27-Nov-2012 weekly at 10-12, Linna LS K110
Fri 26-Oct-2012 - 30-Nov-2012 weekly at 10-12, Pinni B 4034


Numeric 1-5.

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Can be registered as either MVKS36 or LTLY212.