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Arkistoitu opetusohjelma 2012–2013
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TAYJ11 Philosophy of Science 3 ECTS
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Doctoral School

Learning outcomes

The aim of this course is to strengthen the general researcher skills of the participant by training her to grasp her own particular field of research in a wider and more general context through some central issues in philosophy of science.

General description

The course consists of alternating sessions of lectures and discussions. The lectures will cover some central themes in philosophy of science, and these will then be further discussed in smaller groups whose members (to the extent that this is possible) come from related scientific fields.

Course contents:

  1. Objects of Study and the Classification of Sciences
  2. Concepts, Propositions, and Arguments
  3. Hypotheses, Explanations, and Justification
  4. Scientific Realism and Antirealism

The maximum number of students is 50. Students are selected on first come-first-served principle. The student has to check the selection from NettiOpsu after the enrolment period.

Enrolment for University Studies

Enrolment time has expired


Koskinen, Heikki, Teacher responsible


23-Oct-2012 – 30-Oct-2012
Lectures 12 hours
Philosophy of Science
Tue 23-Oct-2012 at 9-16, LS A4 Main building
Tue 30-Oct-2012 at 9-16, LS A4 Main building



Evaluation criteria

Passing the course requires a tight following of the lectures and an active participation in the group discussions. There will be no final exam as such, but the participants are required to produce a three-page written presentation where one of the central themes of the course is connected with the participant’s own scientific field and research topic.