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Arkistoitu opetusohjelma 2012–2013
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MARIH13 TS: Research Methods I 3 ECTS
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Language of instruction
Type or level of studies
Advanced studies
Course unit descriptions in the curriculum
  • MARIH13 Research Methods I
    Participation in course work - Workshop and Individual research design presentations
Master's Degree Programme in Research and Innovation in Higher Education
School of Management

Learning outcomes

Students should be able to
- formulate the research topic and research questions
- review the literature and write a theoretical section of the thesis
- develop the analytical framework relevant for the research topic
- choose a relevant set of methods for research
- develop a plan on collecting and analysing data with qualitative or comparative methods


University Lecturer Yuzhuo Cai, Teacher responsible
Visiting lecturer, Teacher

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Lectures 15 hours
Fri 15-Mar-2013 at 9-12, Pinni B3111, Yuzhuo Cai
Fri 22-Mar-2013 at 9-12, Pinni B3111, Yuzhuo Cai
Fri 5-Apr-2013 at 9-12, Pinni B3111, Yuzhuo Cai
Tue 7-May-2013 at 9-12, Pinni B3111, CANCELLED
Tue 7-May-2013 at 14-16, Pinni B3111, Yuzhuo Cai and professor Wang Yingjie, CANCELLED
Tue 30-Apr-2013 at 9.15-12, Pinni B3111
Tue 30-Apr-2013 at 14-16, Pinni B3111
Independent work 60 hours


Numeric 1-5.

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