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Arkistoitu opetusohjelma 2011–2012
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TRMUS5 Language and Cognition 4–6 ECTS
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Advanced studies
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School of Language, Translation and Literary Studies

General description

The course is valid for ENGFS4.

The course provides an introduction to the principles of cognitive linguistics with discussion on the theoretical basics and research orientations of cognitive linguistics. Linguistic meaning and conceptualization are discussed from the perspective of, e.g., linguistic categorization, metaphors and figurative language and language acquisition. The course also includes exercises where the basic concepts and principles of cognitive linguistics are applied to concrete linguistic analysis. The course is suitable for the students of both philology and translation studies.

The default scope of the study unit is 4 credits, but if students wish to take the course with 6 credits they will conduct an additional small-scale research project and report its results in a research report that contains c. 1500 words. The research project can also be conducted in a group, in which case the final report should be at least 1000 words per each student participating in the group.

Enrolment for University Studies

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Esa Penttilä, Teacher responsible


26-Oct-2011 – 7-Dec-2011
Tutorials 14 hours
Wed 26-Oct-2011 - 7-Dec-2011 weekly at 16-18, Pinni B 5078