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Arkistoitu opetusohjelma 2011–2012
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TKOPS400 Seminar Business Process Management in a Smart Business Environment 3 ECTS
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School of Information Sciences

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Seminar 12h on 26.-29.9.11, University of Tampere Room B1029 3 hours/day from 16-19.

The course is funded by Tampere Doctoral Programme in Information Science and Engineering (TISE).


Mikko Ruohonen, Teacher responsible

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26-Sep-2011 – 29-Sep-2011
Seminar 30 hours
Mon 26-Sep-2011 at 16-19, Pinni B1029
Tue 27-Sep-2011 at 16-19, Pinni B1029
Wed 28-Sep-2011 at 16-19, Pinni B1029
Thu 29-Sep-2011 at 16-19, Pinni B1029