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SOSLA2.4 Social Institutions and Changing World 6 ECTS
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School of Social Sciences and Humanities

General description

The aim of the course is to study and discuss: How social institutions are understood in social sciences today? How social institutions have changed? What kinds of meanings are attached to changing institutions? Themes of the course are: effects of competitive society on social institutions, competitive society and gender and interrelationship between global actors and local institutions. The focus is on social institutions such as family, education, health, welfare services and gender.

The course will be composed of lectures (12 h) and a discussion sessions (8 h). To pass the course, active participation in lectures is required and students need to write a 5 page essay paper based on themes of the lectures. Essays will be discussed jointly during discussion session.

Lectures are in English and discussion session in English.

Preliminary lecture programme:

1.Introductory lecture, Tiina Tiilikka & Eriikka Oinonen (1.2.2012)

2.Family: changing social institution?, Eriikka Oinonen (8.2.2012)

3. Health and well-being in competitive society, Tiina Tiilikka (15.2.201)

4.University as a social institution, Tiina Mälkiä (22.2.2012)

5. Social services under reconstruction: older people as the care consumers, Lina van Aerschot (29.2.2012)

6. Feminine care and masculine business, Kirsi Hasanen (7.3.2012)


Timetable and Places:

Lectures 1.2. -7.3.2012, Wednesdays at 13-15 p.m., place: LINNA 5014

Discussion sessions:

Tuesday 27.3./TIILIKKA 12-16 p.m., place: LINNA 5015

Tuesday 27.3./OINONEN 12-16 p.m., place: LINNA 5016

Wednesday 28.3./TIILIKKA 12-16 p.m., place: Virta 234

Wednesday 28.3./OINONEN 12-16 p.m., place: LINNA 5014


The course compensates 6 ECTS:

  • Sociology: SOSLA2.4 Sosiaaliset instituutiot ja käytännöt
  • Social psychology: SPSYA2.4. Instituutiot, organisaatiot ja ryhmät
  • Social policy: SPOLA3A2 Hallinnan ja kansalaisuuden tutkimus
  • Women studies: NAISA2D Sukupuolistunut työelämä



Enrolment for University Studies

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Tiina Tiilikka, Teacher responsible
Eriikka Oinonen, Teacher responsible
Eri luennoitsijoita, Teacher responsible


1-Feb-2012 – 28-Mar-2012
Wed 1-Feb-2012 - 7-Mar-2012 weekly at 13-15, Linna 5014