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Arkistoitu opetusohjelma 2011–2012
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STYÖP2 Finnish Social Welfare and Social Work (V306-8 in the listing of Tamk University of Applied Sciences) 5 ECTS
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School of Social Sciences and Humanities

General description

V306-8/ STYÖP2 Finnish Social Welfare and Social Work 5 ects

Objective of course :

Student is able to

  • Describe Finnish social welfare system and social work practices
  • Analyze social work methods and approaches used within different working fields in practice  
  •  Analyze and compare challenges of social service / social work practices at present
  • Compare analytically differences and similarities between Finnish social protection and that of student's own origin

Course contents :

  • The structure, present status and development history of Finnish social protection system
  • Social welfare services
  • Social work and social work methods in different contexts
  • Social problems and future challenges for service development

Teaching methods :

  • Orientative lectures (16 hours + seminar 6 hours)
  • Study visits (5-6 different social work/service fields) in small groups
  • Seminar with a presentation
  • Virtual learning space Moodle is used for discussions and background material

Assessment methods:

  • Active participation in the lectures and study visits
  • Portfolio based on literature, lectures and study visits and its presentation in the seminar

Required/Recommended reading :

  • Background literature related to each theme is given during the lessons.
  • Background documents in Moodle.

Year of study :

Teaching place: TAMK Social services, Pyynikintie. 2A, 
Language of instruction

Principal lecturer Ulla-Maija Koivula (TAMK), tel. 050-5702471.Email: ulla-maija.koivula@tamk.fi   Contact preferably by Email.

TAMK University of Applied Sciences
Pyynikintie 2A, 33230 Tampere
Tel. +358-50-5702471
Fax. +358-3-2452401

Enrolment for University Studies

To sign up: From Tamk through Winha, from UTA from SITR courses or by email to ulla-maija.koivula@tamk.fi


Ulla-Maija Koivula/Tamk, Teacher responsible
Satu Ranta-Tyrkkö/Uta, Teacher


Lectures 16 hours
Fri 9-Sep-2011 - 14-Oct-2011 weekly at 9-12, All th lectures will be held at TAMK, Department of Social Services and Wellbeing. Address: Pyynikintie 2A, 33230 Tampere, class room 324, 3rd floor
Study visits on a separate schedule outside teaching times. Minimum of 5 study visits are mandatory.
Seminar 6 hours
Fri 28-Oct-2011 at 9-16, TAMK, Department of Social Services and Wellbeing. Address: Pyynikintie 2A, 33230 Tampere, class room 324, 3rd floor