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ENGFS4 Option: Literature Written for Children 6 ECTS
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Englantilainen filologia
School of Language, Translation and Literary Studies

General description

  • Thu 14-16 B3113 (ROBERTSON)

Children's literature is not simple or simplified. It is not easier to examine than adult literature. The first part of this course will be an introduction to the theory of children's literature, illustrated from various works of children's literature, both classics and less familiar ones. Questions we will be asking include: what is a child? What is childhood? How does this text contribute to the development of the child? Is a child reader different from an adult reader? What is a good children's book? Is it different from a good adult's book? What part does intertextuality play in children's literature?

In the second part of the course, students may choose a work of children's literature written in English, and give a short presentation on it, discussing one or more aspects of the work with the help of a theoretical model.

Assessment will be on the basis of the presentation or a 10+ page paper, and class contribution.

Enrolment for University Studies


David Robertson, Teacher responsible


8-Sep-2011 – 8-Dec-2011