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Arkistoitu opetusohjelma 2011–2012
Selaat vanhentunutta opetusohjelmaa. Voimassa olevan opetusohjelman löydät täältä.
ENGFP2B British Literature I: 1550-1780 4 ECTS
Period I Period II Period II Period IV
Language of instruction
Type or level of studies
Basic studies
Course unit descriptions in the curriculum
Englantilainen filologia
School of Language, Translation and Literary Studies

General description

Lectures (starting 9.1.2012):

  • Mon 16-17 B1097 (ROBERTSON)

Tutorials (to be updated)

  1. Tue 10-11 B3112 (MANNINEN)
  2. Tue 11-12 B3113 (ROBERTSON)
  3. Tue 16-17 A3098 (ROBERTSON)
  4. Wed 15-16 B4118 (MANNINEN)
  5. Wed 16-17 A2093 (MANNINEN)
  6. Thu 12-13 B3030 (ROBERTSON)
  7. Thu 13-14 B3030 (ROBERTSON)

Enrolment for University Studies

No separate enrolment. Groups formed in the autumn term for P2a American Literature I continue in the spring term. Students changing groups, or joining a group for the first time, please contact the teachers concerned directly.


David Robertson, Teacher responsible
Markku Salmela, Teacher responsible


9-Jan-2012 – 23-Apr-2012