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LASKA254 An introduction to corporate social accounting 3 ECTS
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Intermediate studies
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School of Management

General description

This course aims to familiarize students with the basic aspects of corporate social accounting. The lectures will give an introduction to the field of reporting concerning social and environmental issues and will look at social accounting within companies.

Lectures will be combined with practical exercises during which students will be asked to accomplish small tasks. An essay will be assigned to students at the end of the course. Further details about the tasks to be accomplished as well as reading requirements will be given at the first meeting.  

In order to complete the course, students need to attend all the lectures, be active during practical assignments in class and write a final essay.

No enrollment required before hand - registration for the course on-site at the first lecture!



Apostol, Oana, Teacher responsible


15-Mar-2012 – 12-Apr-2012
Lectures 12 hours
Thu 15-Mar-2012 - 29-Mar-2012 weekly at 9-12, Pinni A2052
Thu 12-Apr-2012 at 9-12, Pinni A2052