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FILAA12 Excellence through Quality Management 3 ECTS
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School of Management

General description


Course consist of:

  • book exam


Course objective:

Objective is to reach overall understanding of quality enhancement in public sector organizations.

Quality is seen as an important factor in ensuring public sector performance and competitiveness. This course aims to give an overall view and a basic understanding of quality and its enhancement. The course focuses on quality enhancement in public sector and takes as an example the Finnish public sector and some of its organizations. The course familiarizes the students with the basic concepts and methods related to quality, excellence and quality management.



Enrollment for the course book exam in NettiOpsu http://www.uta.fi/studies/nettiopsu at latest 7 days before the exam date.

Alternative dates for taking the exam:

  • Monday 31.10.2011
  • Monday 6.2.2012
  • Monday 2.4.2012




Lal, H. (2008). Organizational Excellence Through Total Quality Management. New Age International.

For the exam read foreword, preface and following chapters:

Chapter 1. Product Quality and its Control

Chapter 7. Economics of Quality

Chapter 9. Management of Service Quality

Chapter 10. Concept and Philosophy

Chapter 11. ISO-9000 Standards

Chapter 12. The Customer-Focused Organization

Chapter 19. Balance Score Card

Chapter 20. Quality Awards

Chapter 21. Implementation of TQM

Electrical book.
Available in University Library e-services (Nelliportaali): E-book database EBRARY.*


Oakland, John (2005). From quality to excellence in the 21st century. Total Quality Management & Business Excellence; Oct/Nov2005, Vol. 16 Issue 8/9, p1053-1060, 8p, 5 Diagrams.

Electrical article.
Available in University Library e-services (Nelliportaali): Business Source Elite



Tanninen, Kati (2010). The power of TQM: analysis of its effects on profitability, productivity and customer satisfaction. Total Quality Management & Business Excellence Feb2010, Vol. 21 Issue 2, p171-184

Electrical article.
Available in University Library e-services (Nelliportaali): EBSCOhost Business Source Elite



Prowle, Malcolm (2000). Changing Public Sector: A Practical Management Guide. Gower Publishing Limited. Chapter eight (Pages 167-178): Managing Quality and Consumer Satisfaction in the Public Sector.

Electrical article.
Available in University Library e-services (Nelliportaali): E-book database EBRARY.*



Huusko, Mira & Ursin, Jani (2010). Why (not) assess? Views from the academic departments of Finnish universities. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education; Dec2010, Vol. 35 Issue 7, p859-869, 11p.

Available in:


Enrolment for University Studies

Enrollment for the course in NettiOpsu.


Doctoral Student Piia Tienhaara, Teacher