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Archived Curricula Guide 2015–2017
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Degree programme in History
The teaching on the degree programme goes from the Age of Antiquity to recent history and is thematically structured. Teaching stresses the social history perspective. This means the scrutiny of historical phenomena in the long term, comparative and conceptual research emphasizing the societal relevance of historical research, and a critical stance to its time. Changing the world entails understanding the world. Engaging in historical research is an essential means in learning historical thinking. Teaching begins by introducing students to the conceptual constellation of historical research and historiography and continues with scientific practice or methodology and their application. As studies progress students' conception of history will become increasingly diversified. They will also find themselves equipped to shape their own picture of the world and shoulder more responsibility for their studies. Conducting research will be practiced especially through practicum, the Bachelor's seminar and seminar teaching. In addition to these there are also thematic thesis groups in history, where students' written texts, working papers, presentations and other material are processed. Research culminates in the preparation of the Master's thesis.


Tampere University is committed to promoting justice and equality in society, to enhancing the well-being of citizens at home and abroad, and to advancing multiculturalism and sustainable development.

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The degree programmes at Tampere University provide up-to-date, reliable information on global issues and tools for working to find solutions in these areas. The teaching and instruction provided at the University makes use of methods that encourage and motivate students to undertake ethically sustainable, interactive, multicultural and productive learning.

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