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Archived Curricula Guide 2015–2017
Curricula Guide is archieved. Please refer to current Curricula Guides
Doctoral Programme in Health Sciences

The aim of the doctoral studies at the School of Health Sciences is to provide training that prepares doctoral students to successfully work as an academic researcher or teacher as well as in other expert positions in the society and in the field of health.

A doctoral student must acquire in depth knowledge in his/her own field, but also develop a broader view of health sciences in general. Doctoral students should adopt scientific thinking models and good scientific conduct as well as gain versatile research skills.

The fields of study available at the School of Health Sciences are biostatistics, epidemiology, gerontology, nursing science, public health, social psychiatry, social and health policy, health economics and occupational health. A doctoral degree can be awarded in all the disciplines of the school. Most PhD students do their dissertation work in one of our research groups. The field of study is determined by the supervisor’s discipline. The employment prospects for graduates in the field of health sciences or medicine have been good.

The School of Health Sciences offers doctoral studies in three doctoral programmes: the Doctoral Programme in Health Sciences, the Doctoral Programme in Medicine and the International Doctoral Programme in Epidemiology. In the Doctoral Programme in Health Sciences the student can complete the degrees of Doctor of Health Sciences or Doctor of Philosophy in the disciplines of the School. The prerequisite for the Doctoral Programme in Health Sciences is a Master’s Degree or equivalent. The Doctor of Health Sciences degree requires a previous educational background on Master’s level in the field of health sciences.

As intermediate degrees the degrees of Licentiate of Health Sciences or Licentiate of Philosophy can be completed.

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