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Archived Curricula Guide 2015–2017
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Degree Programme in Health Sciences

The Faculty of Social Sciences  provides three Degree Programmes in Health Sciences: a Bachelor's Programme in Health Sciences, a  Master's Programme in Nursing Science and a Master's Programme in Public and Global Health. In the undergraduate and graduate level degree programmes students major in Nursing Science or Public Health. In nursing science there are separate tracks in the teaching of nursing and in nursing management. The Faculty also offers an International Master’s Degree Programme in Public and Global Health. This two-year programme with students from all around the world is offered every other year and the language of instruction is English.

The Degree Programmes of Health Sciences are multidiscipilinery and  the fields of biostatistics, epidemiology, gerontology, health economics, nursing science, occupational health, public health, social and health policy and social psychiatry are represented in the programme curricula.


Tampere University is committed to promoting justice and equality in society, to enhancing the well-being of citizens at home and abroad, and to advancing multiculturalism and sustainable development.

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Sustainable Development

The degree programmes at Tampere University provide up-to-date, reliable information on global issues and tools for working to find solutions in these areas. The teaching and instruction provided at the University makes use of methods that encourage and motivate students to undertake ethically sustainable, interactive, multicultural and productive learning.

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