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Archived Curricula Guide 2015–2017
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Master's Degree Programme in Higher Education Administration and Management
The basis of the Master’s degree programme in higher education administration and management (KOHAMA) leading to the degree of Master of Administrative Sciences is in administrative sciences and particularly in higher education administration. The programme carries 120 credits and takes two years to complete. Studies on the KOHAMA programme equip students to understand and problematize: * the theoretical basis of higher education administration and higher education management * the position of higher education institutions in the innovation system * the connections of theory and practice in administrative work and * the position of Finnish higher education policy and administration and its special characteristics in the international and especially in the European frame of reference.

Learning Outcomes

The programme learning outcomes emphasize the application of domestic and international research knowledge to the practical problems and tasks of higher education administration.  The content of the education extends to fields supporting managerial, planning and presentation tasks in administration. 

Those completing the KOHAMA Master’s programme will have a command of the main theories and concepts of higher education management, administration, and economy and be capable of applying these to the analysis and development of higher education systems.  The Master’s programme provides students with good capabilities to serve in a variety of higher education management, planning and expert tasks.  On completion of the Master’s programme students will be able to critically evaluate research in their own field and to apply their expertise to the further development of higher education administration in both national and international operating environments.

Responsible Conduct of Research

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