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Archived Curricula Guide 2012–2015
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Degree Programme in Literary Studies
Students enrolled in the Degree Programme in Literary Studies first complete the Bachelor's Programme in Literary Studies and then go on to either the Master's Programme in Narrative Theory and Textuality or the Master's Programme in Finnish Literature. Students enrolled in other degree programmes are also eligible to apply to the Master's programmes in Literary Studies. The Degree Programme in Literary Studies is taught in Finnish. Graduates in Literary Studies are experts in literature and text analysis. The degree programme offers students a topical view on literature as a part of the larger field of arts and culture, and introduces them to the history of literary forms and to current methodology in literary research. Some key areas covered in the studies include poetics, narrative theory, literary history as well as changes in literary concepts and literature as an institution. Contemporary society is becoming more and more textualized, which means that we need a new theoretical and historical understanding of the way meaning is constructed. Graduates in Literary Studies can adopt roles which require the ability to systematically examine the ways culture and society are presented. Literary Studies are also compulsory for future Finnish teachers. Students who plan to have a teaching career must include Finnish studies and pedagogical studies in their degree programme. The Master's Programme in Narrative Theory and Textuality allows students to take advanced studies in literature without confining them to any one language area. Texts are looked at in the spirit of literary poetics, i.e. as an expert skill. Special emphasis is laid on current trends in international narrative theory, which provide methods for many fields that study written material. The Master's Programme in Narrative Theory and Textuality is an excellent option for bachelors wishing to specialize in textual and narrative studies regardless of their field of study. The Master's Programme in Finnish Literature introduces students to Finnish literature and literary research as well as to their role in the changing world. Graduates become familiar with the defining characteristics of Finnish literature and the Finnish literary institution and their position in world literature. They are also able to evaluate art and culture as well as assess Finnish literature as an aesthetic and cultural phenomenon.


Tampere University is committed to promoting justice and equality in society, to enhancing the well-being of citizens at home and abroad, and to advancing multiculturalism and sustainable development.

Internationalised curriculum develops the international and intercultural perspectives of students. The following courses of the degree programme fulfill the requirements of internationalisation in studies defined by the internationalisation strategy of the University of Tampere.

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