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Health Sciences (Public and Global Health)

Kevät 2018, Tampere, 3–8 op
päivitetty 23.10.2017 Opetus alkaa: Kevät 2018
Opetuskieli: englanti
Koulutuksen laajuus: 3–8 op
Opetusaika: Päiväopetus
Opetustapa: Lähiopetus
Opiskelumuoto: Ohjattu opetus
Maksullinen: 45–120 euroa
Koulutuksen sisältö

Prerequisites: Bachelor's degree from a University or from a University of Applied Sciences and a Good command of English

Sisältyvät opinnot
HEAG03 An Introduction to Ethics in Health Research - (3 op) englanti hakuaika päättynyt
PGHES02 Migration and Health (5 op) englanti hakuaika päättynyt

For more information, please contact:

Päivi Antinoja, paivi.antinoja(at)uta.fi

Ulla Lassila, ulla.lassila(at)uta.fi


Prerequisites: Bachelors's degree from a University or from a University of Applied Sciences and a Good command of English.

Enrolment to spring 2018 courses start at Tue 21 November 2017 at 10 am.

The courses will be filled in the order of enrolment (on a first come first served basis).

There is a quota of 3 for the Open University students in both study groups.

Please notice, enrolment to individual course/courses. Name of the course will appear to the application form only when the enrolment period will begin.

Please sent a copy of the degree certificate immediately after the enrolment to the address: Tampereen yliopisto, Avoin yliopisto, Päivi Antinoja, Kampusranta 9 C, 60320 Seinäjoki

Study fee: 15 euros / 1 ECTS

Enrolment in Open University studies is always binding. You cannot cancel your enrolment and your study fee cannot be reimbursed. You will be billed for your study fee after enrolment.

Application forms and study fees

Degree students of the University of Tampere can’t enroll through the enrolment system of Open University

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